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We would like to hear your thoughts on our website and activities - and also any queries you may have regarding Membership, Swiss Clubs and Societies in the UK or Representation by the UK Delegates to the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA).

FOSSUK cannot manage your Swiss Review subscription, please go to the ONLINE HELPDESK for Swiss Abroad or contact the Swiss Embassy London. 

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Please send any news of your local Swiss club activities urgently to the editor for a chance to feature in the next issue. Gioia Palmieri is always delighted to hear about events held, milestones reached or inspirational Swiss living in the UK & Ireland.

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In addition to changing your address, phone number or email address, you can also use the online desk to manage your Swiss Review subscription and choose to receive the publication either by post or email.

Online desk for Swiss nationals residing abroad

Please note that FOSSUK cannot cancel or change an address to a Swiss Review subscriptions - you must do this through the Online desk or contact Swiss Embassy London. 

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