Swiss Referenda

Popular Vote: 7th March 2021

On the 7th of March 2021 the Swiss electorate will vote on the following Popular initiatives

1. Yes to a ban on full facial coverings
Summary of the initiative > 

2. Federal Act on Electronic Identification Services (e-ID Act)
Summary of the initiative >

3. Economic partnership agreement with Indonesia
Summary of the iniative >

All you need to know about upcoming Initiatives & Referenda:




Important note: No Swiss living abroad will be able to use e-voting in the upcoming Popular Initiatives. If you are not registered to vote, don't delay and contact the Swiss Embassy London or consular representation without delay here >

Our tireless UK Delegates report back on issues affecting Swiss Abroad, one of which is e-Voting. For the current status and links to more in-depth analysis, visit our dedicated page on e-Voting >

Ensure that you excercise your right to vote:

Voting rights of Swiss citizens abroad

Swiss citizens aged 18 and over – including Swiss citizens abroad – are entitled to vote at federal level. Some cantons and communes also grant the right to vote at cantonal and communal level to Swiss citizens abroad, and in certain cases to non-Swiss citizens. 

If you are a Swiss citizen abroad, you can vote at federal level (e.g. in National Council elections). To vote, you must be registered with your Swiss representation abroad, which in the UK is the Swiss Embassy London. You must also be registered on the electoral roll of your last commune of residence in Switzerland or, if you have never lived in Switzerland, in your place of origin. 

Voting rights of Swiss citizens abroad: information and forms