Swiss Community Events Calendar

Available for the first time, a comprehensive calendar to download with all Swiss events in the UK - from music concerts to art exhibitions to talks to just having a cuppa.

If you know of an event that is not listed on the calendar below of the PDF download, please do let us know so that we can keep it as up to date as possible:

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June 21
Wednesday 23rd, 11:00 – Wednesday 23rd, 12:00
SBS Coffee Morning
Swiss Benevolent Society
Please get in touch with us if you wish to participate on: 0207 836 9119, Online Zoom

Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Wednesday 17th March 2021
Wednesday 31st March 2021
Wednesday 14th April 2021
Wednesday 28th April 2021
Wednesday 12th May 2021
Wednesday 26th May 2021
Wednesday 9th June 2021
Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Please get in touch with us if you wish to participate on:
0207 836 9119

Once you have contacted us, please download the Zoom app onto your laptop or tablet, and we’ll send you an invitation by email with a link with details on how to join the meeting!

It's an opportunity for Swiss Nationals to meet and get together over tea or coffee.

Please contact Petra on 0207 836 9119 or email: info@swissbenevolent.org.uk for more information.

Visit www.swissbenevolent.org.uk for find out more.

The Swiss Benevolent Society UK enhances the quality of life of fellow Swiss, old and young, from all walks of life, who are experiencing difficulties.

Living Well – We aim to make a difference through empowerment, confidence building, active and healthier lifestyle management, independence and financial aid.