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August 21
Friday 20th, 09:00 – Friday 20th, 18:00
Session of the Council of the Swiss Abroad
Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA/ASO)
Piazza Indipendenza 4, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Session of the Council of the Swiss Abroad (August)

Date: August 20, 2021 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM CEST

Location: Piazza Indipendenza 4, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

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The session of the Council of the Swiss Abroad takes place on 20 August 2021 as part of the Congress of the Swiss Abroad in Lugano.

The recognized mouthpiece of the Swiss living abroad

The Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) represents the interests of Swiss expatriates before the authorities and public opinion in Switzerland. This is why the media call it the 'Parliament of the Fifth Switzerland'. It has numerous major achievements for the Swiss Abroad to its credit.

The CSA gathers in Switzerland twice a year for a day-long meeting to discuss important matters concerning the Swiss abroad and to voice an opinion on current affairs on behalf of the Fifth Switzerland. The Council meets regularly in the spring as well as in late summer within the framework of the Swiss Abroad Congress. Between sessions, routine business is dealt with by the Executive Board and the administration team.