UK Delegates to the Council of the
Organisation of the Swiss Abroad 2017 – 2021

The 5 UK Delegates for the 2017 – 2021 term




  • Place of Residence: Edinburgh

  • Languages Spoken: German, English, French

  • Profession: Professor of Particle Physics at Edinburgh University

  • Interests: Politics, science, traveling, I like to go hiking, bicycling and skiing, if I get the chance. I also regularly visit family who live near St.Gallen in Switzerland.

  • Swiss Member Of:  Swiss Club Edinburgh, FOSSUK committee member,

  • Facebook groups: Swiss in the UK, Auslandschweizer

  • Website:

I am a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) and active on Swiss Abroad Social Media groups. I regularly travel to Geneva, Switzerland, for research at CERN. In these uncertain times, the CSA will play an even more important role for the increasing number of Swiss Abroard. Using my experience and knowledge in politics in Switzerland and in the UK, I would very much like to continue to represent the 34,000 Swiss citizens living in the UK at the CSA.

I am a professor of Physics at Edinburgh University where I teach. My area of research is particle physics with a strong involvement on experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. I regularly travel to Switzerland.

I always had a strong interest in politics and actively follow the current affairs in the UK and in Switzerland. Since 2013 I am a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA). I am also regular contributor on “” and the Facebook group “Swiss in the UK”.

My interest in politics has now led me to be nominated, and I am standing in the October 2020 Federal elections. My manifesto policies of are outlined on my website which are: Climate Change, Scientific Research, Switzerland & the EU, Education, Digital Democracy and of course, the Swiss Abroad.

"Physicists find simple solutions to complex problems
- also in politics"

As a CSA member I have been working to get Swiss politics to pay attention to the issues of the Swiss Abroad, e.g. by lobbying for E-Voting and ensuring that the Law of the Swiss Abroad, which recently came into effect, did not reduce the responsibilities of consulates and the FDFA to support the Swiss Abroad. I am passionate about the education of the young people. At the CSA I pointed out the importance of movement of students between European countries (Erasmus) and that the best research does not stop at borders. I am also chairing a CSA task force to find ways to improve the representation of the Swiss Abroad at the CSA. I regularly write articles in the Swiss Review and have been quoted and interviewed by Swiss media.

With FOSSUK I was an organizer of two of the forums in the last three years: “Further Education in the UK or in Switzerland?” and “Engagement of Youth Abroad in the Swiss Political Process”. These successful events attracted ~150 young Swiss living in the UK.

In these uncertain times, the role of the CSA will become even more important for the increasing number of Swiss Abroad. Using my experience and knowledge of politics in Switzerland and in the UK, I would very much like to continue to represent the 34,000 Swiss citizens living in the UK at the CSA. 

Nathalie Chuard

  • Place Of Residence: London

  • Languages Spoken: German, English, French, Spanish

  • Profession: Brand Manager for Cadbury

  • Interests: TRAVELLING: exploring new countries, understanding different cultures and meeting interesting people.

  • LONDON LIFE: Making the most out of this fascinating city by browsing food markets, strolling through parks, attending concerts and visiting art exhibitions with friends.

  • READING: I spend a lot of time commuting to work. Reading a book turns wasted time into a precious moment.

As a proud Swiss with a strong network, solid expertise in branding and the drive to make a difference, I would highly value being an active member of the CSA and strengthen ties with our home country.

I’m a dynamic, politically interested 30y/o Swiss citizen with a positive personality and an international mind set. During my studies at the Uni of St Gallen (HSG) I spent 2 semesters abroad (Argentina, Sweden).

In 2013 I moved to the UK to join the Cadbury Marketing team, for which I’ve led several campaigns to drive awareness of our heritage brands. This proven ambition would contribute to raise the profile of the OSA, as it would strengthen the expat community and create stronger ties to our home country. My thesis mirrors my interest in nation branding. Together with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs I measured the effectiveness of the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo in Shanghai.

I have access to a strong network, as I am an active board member of the HSG Alumni Club in London, organizing inspiring events for young professionals. My top priority as a CSA delegate is to implement e-voting, as I believe that this will be an integral step in living direct democracy abroad.

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Sarah Grand-Clément

Replacing Alexandre Tissot who resigned in March 2019. Sarah was the next candidate from the official vote count from the CSA Delegate Elections in 2017. Sarah was officially voted as accepted as one of the UK Delegates at the FOSSUK 2019 AGM by FOSSUK Members. 

Place Of Residence: Cambridge

Languages Spoken: English, French

Profession: Policy researcher

Interests: Travelling, current affairs, politics, reading, baking

I want to be a passionate advocate for Switzerland in the UK.  I am very invested in Swiss political and legal developments, and want to highlight contributions Swiss people make in the UK.

I am particularly interested in representing the younger Swiss nationals living in the UK. I would strive to organise meet-ups and better integrate students and young professionals in the Swiss community. Often, registering on the electoral register or being part of a Swiss club do not take the interest or are not aimed for the younger Swiss abroad. I would like to change that and create a more inclusive community, taking their views into account.

I wish to aid in disseminating helpful information to Swiss living in and moving to the UK considering the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and to be on hand to answer any questions on these matters.

My other focus is to ensure that people’s return to Switzerland is as smooth as possible. I would strive to ensure that cultural, social and economic reintegration is appropriately planned.

I support OSA plans to extend e-voting to all cantons. Allowing greater numbers of Swiss abroad to participate in Swiss matters eases the task of reintegration.

Vincent Croset

  • Place Of Residence: Oxford

  • Languages Spoken: French, English, (German)

  • Profession: Research Scientist in Neuroscience & Genetics

  • Interests: Grew up between the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg. Studied biology at the University of Lausanne. In the UK since 2013. Work at the University of Oxford.

  • Interested in politics since my youngest age with the aim of making a better world for all. Member of the Swiss Socialist Party.

  • Other interests include science, literature, travels and sports.

  • Twitter: @VincentCroset

  • Swiss Member Of: Oxford Swiss Society

Swiss people abroad should be able to remain connected to Switzerland and its political life. I am campaigning to:

  • increase the representation of the Swiss abroad in the Swiss Parliament and other federal institutions
  • provide safe online voting to all Swiss people living abroad

In addition, in the lead up to Brexit, Switzerland and the UK will be negotiating new immigration and trade agreements. Swiss people living in the UK will be directly affected and face the prospect of radical changes to their situation. It is crucial that we make our voice heard during these negotiations!

As one of your OSA delegates I am supporting the Swiss government in its “mind the gap” strategy to ensure that the new agreements:

  • preserve our right to live & work in the UK
  • facilitate business and collaborative innovation between our two countries
  • foster stronger relationships across education, scientific research, healthcare, and environment.

It is a great pleasure to be one of your five representatives. Together we are doing our best to listen to your concerns and relay them to the Swiss government. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Loredana Guetg-Wyatt

  • Place Of Residence: Poole

  • Languages Spoken: Italian, English and French

  • Profession: Business Risk Consultant and non Executive Board Member

  • Interests: My hobbies include organising charitable fundraising events, hiking, horse-riding, skiing, going to concerts, musicals and regularly meeting up with my Swiss friends.

  • Swiss Member Of: Unione Ticinese, New Helvetic Society (Vice-President) and FOSSUK President

It is important for the Swiss living in the UK to be supported and appropriately represented at the Council of the Swiss Abroad. All facets of the Swiss population in the UK should be heard and acknowledged; from long standing ex-patriates to newly arrived students or workers; from second or third generation of ‘Brit-Swiss’ to the first generation of Swiss who moved to the UK. They all have different challenges and priorities but all have in common their connection to Switzerland.

Full Profile: My name is Loredana Guetg Wyatt and I was born and educated in Ticino. After graduating from SUPSI in 1998, I joined an international risk consulting firm. I moved to the UK in 2004 in order to found the UK branch of the American Risk Consulting company Protiviti. At Protiviti I lead the internal audit and financial assurance team for ten years. I have now founded my own company and I work as a freelancer specialising in supporting global companies complying with local and international legislations.  I am an active member of the Swiss community in the UK and I am currently the Vice-President of the New Helvetic Society and the President of FOSSUK. Last but not least, I am a member of the Unione Ticinese.

I am currently the Chairman of the charity STEPS Worldwide and the Treasurer of Jubilee Gardens Trust and 'In Control' charity. My hobbies include hiking, horse-riding, skiing and of course going to concerts, musicals and plays. I am married to Jonathan and my son, Lawrence, keeps me very busy and active!

The Delegates Election Results & Process

UK Election Results for the current 2017 - 2021 term:

  • 164 voting slips received

  • 388 votes received (327 valid votes)

  • 13 candidates stood for election

UK Delegates to the Council of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) 2012 - 2016 term were:

  • Margrit Lyster

  • Franz Muheim

  • Thomas Rast

  • Alexandré Tissot