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Federal Elections on the 22nd of October 2023


Federal Elections on the 22nd of October 2023

The National Council elections and the first round of elections for the Council of States will take place on 22 October 2023.

The Swiss abroad and the federal elections 2023

More than 788,000 Swiss citizens, or around 10% of the national population, live abroad. Almost 218,600 of them are registered on an electoral roll — the equivalent of the electorate of the canton of Grisons.

How do I elect my representatives in the Federal Parliament?

All Swiss citizens abroad registered on an electoral roll may elect their National Councillors at the federal elections on 22 october 2023.

The following 13 cantons AG, BE, BL, BS, FR, GE, GR, JU, NE, SO, SZ, TI and ZH also allow Swiss voters abroad to elect their Council of States members.

Information on voting rights for Swiss citizens abroad on the FDFA website

Application to exercise political rights

Further information on the upcoming federal elections can be found on the platform, with ODA also having put together a special website to inform the Swiss abroad and political parties